Detail Map feature of Maplytics

By | May 21, 2013
This blog will demonstrate a very useful feature of our product Maplytics, called “Detail Map”. Through Detail Map you will be able to plot any entity records on the map, search for records within a proximity range from current location, categorize based on attributes for the entity, search for nearby locations, and much more.

Maplytics is a plug and play application made available as Managed solution that can be easily installed and uninstalled without affecting other CRM components. Maplytics is a Geo-Analytics tool designed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011(Online/On-Premise/IFD/Office 365) using the API services provided by Bing maps.

In Detail map, system defined views and user defined views are available for the selected entity type in the Views picklist. The user can choose one of the views, to plot all the records available in that view on the map.

Next feature of Detail map is to search for records within a given proximity value, which can be in Kilometers or Miles as per the user need. This feature allows you to know your customers within a specified range from the current location. This feature truly amplifies the power of Bing maps and is a very useful feature for on-field agents, to get the details of customers in their vicinity on a simple click of a button.
The Next feature allows you to categorize the records based on attributes of the selected entity, the colored pushpins and the legend helps to distinguish as well as categorize the records. Below screen displays the colored pushpins and legend information on the map. This feature helps user to understand his/her customer better and in a more presentable way.


Next but not the last, search nearby feature enhances your Maplytics experience by allowing you to search for airports, hotels, coffee shops , restaurants etc (almost anything) from nearby location. This will be plotted alongside the CRM data with tooltip showing the distance between. 

Another feature of Detail map is that the user can save the records plotted as a personal view in the crm or they can export the records in a csv format. The user has the ability to manipulate the saved(csv) data outside of crm and also user can perform all operations that crm provides over the created personal view.

You can also have a road view of the place, which can be very helpful to get the knowhow of roadways around your customer. Below screenshot displays detail map for lead entity with road view.


These are just a list of few features that Detail map provides. Users can combine these features as per their need or requirement. Apart from this one feature Maplytics has many exciting features to offer and we can say that Maplytics truly extends the definition of CRM.


We can guarantee that this will surely help you to organize and understand your data more clearly and will help you to achieve a competitive edge in the market.

For further details on Maplytics you can visit our website or you can contact us on for more information or trial requests.