Bing Maps for pre Polaris install

By | May 13, 2013

Polaris form provide a feature of Bing Maps that shows Map on an Individual entity record. This is a feature available in Polaris but non-Polaris forms do not show such map and Maplytics would help show it. Through Maplytics – individual map feature you will be able to plot any entity record on the Map.

Maplytics is a plug and play application made available as Managed solution that can be easily installed and uninstalled without affecting other CRM components. It is a Geo-Analytics tool designed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011(Online/ On-Premise/ IFD/ Office 365) using the API services provided by Bing maps.

Individual Map provides leverage for you, in knowing your customer better in this competitive world thus truly amplifying the definition of CRM. Below is a record of account entity that is plotted on the Map.

You can also have an aerial view of the place, which can be very helpful to get the know how of vicinity around your customer. Below screenshot displays a record for an account entity with aerial view.

You can drag the pushpin around the map as per your need or requirement. To update a record’s address, you can drag the pushpin to the specified location & click on update. This won’t change the address on the account form but it will surely help you locate your customer more precisely.

Another feature is to search for address from the map; you can type in the address in the text box & click on search. This will plot the address on the map which can also be updated as per your need or requirement.
This is a very small but powerful feature that will help you to know your customers better.
Unlike Polaris form, the map component can be added to any entity form in CRM.
For further details on Maplytics you can visit our website and review the whitepaper at you can contact us at for more details on this product.


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