Debugging Silverlight Web Resources in CRM2011

By | September 28, 2011

In CRM2011, Silverlight Web resources can be debugged in Microsoft Visual Studio. For this you need to follow below steps:

• Build your Silverlight application.

• Upload the built version of the .xap file from the Web application project ClientBin folder.

• View your Silverlight application in the context it is designed to be used in.

• In your Silverlight application project, from the Visual Studio menu, select Debug and then Attach To Process….

• In the Attach to Process dialog box, find an iexplore.exe process where the Type column value is Silverlight, x86. (See below screen shot)

• Select that process and press Attach to close the dialog box and start debugging.

• In your Silverlight application project, set a breakpoint.

• Refresh the browser window or, in the Silverlight application, perform the action that you need to test your code.

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