Debug script in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

By | November 24, 2010

In Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8 )Microsoft provided a way to debug the scripts.
With Internet Explorer 8 and JScript Libraries, debugging scripts has become much easier. To debug the script, Please follow the step below.

    1. When working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM try to reproduce the conditions where an error is occurring press F12 to open the Internet Explorer developer tools.

  • On the Script tab, to the right of the Start Debugging button, use the drop-down to locate your JScript library.


  • Set a breakpoint by clicking on the left margin within your function.


  • Click Stop Debugging to stop debug.


  • If your script is in the Onload event, you may need to select the Microsoft Dynamics CRM window and press F5 to reload the window.

For more information, see the MSDN topic Debugging Script with Developer Tools.
Hope this helps!

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