Maplytics for Dynamics CRM

By | August 19, 2009
Further to our post on Maps integration for Dynamics CRM using Live Maps we have been able to compile a list of mapping components that can be made available on different entities of CRM with the aim of enabling Geo analysis of the data stored in CRM.The entities covered are:
1. Lead/Account/Contact – Plotting of the primary address of these on the map. It also provides the directions to the customer address starting from the organization address.
2. Plotting of Accounts from a selected range of Accounts that come within the specified distance. The aim here it to be able to list out all accounts that are within a given range from the Starting point.3. Geo mapping of Leads/Accounts on the map with the aim to allow the users to analyze their customer based on geographical regions.4. Geo mapping of Sales/Opportunity on the map with the aim to allow the users to analyze their sales by geographical regions and thereby be able to design strategies focusing on a given region.Some of the features are:
Ø Each of these when plotted on the map allow the users to drill down ability and also be able to open Contact/Lead/Account etc CRM form to check further details of these.Ø While searching for directions, you can specify the Route that you want to take and you would get the direction via the specified location.Ø View Summary or Detail information
Ø Use of Advanced find view for providing the record selection to be plotted on the map.
Here clicking on Get Direction one can see the following screen.
Click here to check further details.
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