Edit CRM Messages

By | April 9, 2009

Its quite often that we need to change the default nomenclature of CRM to customer specific normal like renaming Account to Customer, Lead to Prospect and so on.

When you change the entity name the name is reflected on most places. However in the messages and other related functionality of CRM it still reflects the old name so for e.g. even though you have changed the entity name of Lead to Prospect it would still show “Convert Lead…” on the button.

To change such labels and other related messages that CRM displays related to this entity it is important that will also change the Messages section of the entity.

You can follow the steps below:

1. Go to Settings => Customization
2. Edit the Lead Entity
3. Choose the Messages navigation option.You will find a list of all messages displayed/used by CRM for this entity.

4. Edit the message as required and save and Publish the entity to see the changes.

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