Shortcut to add new records for related entities

By | February 13, 2009
CRM navigation especially for adding related entities like activities/Contact/Quote Products etc is quite tedious and time consuming. You can add a shortcut for most of these on the main form and save quite a few clicks in the process.

First decide for which entity you need to add “Shortcut” button like if I need to create shortcut for “Existing Order Products” on order form.

So you need to create first URL. You can find URL by pressing CTRL+N on a form for which you need to create shortcut.

URL for adding existing order product:


URL for adding write-in order product:


  • Every entity has an ObjectTypeCode associated with it. You can get the complete list in the SDK.
  • ObjectId above refers to the current entity id for which the child needs to be added.

You can add ISV button like shown in below on the Order entity,