Over the years, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has helped to build a strong platform for effective management of the business processes for their clients. What’s more, native integrations with myriads of products has helped to enhance the productivity to a substantial degree. As you pace ahead with technology, several integrations that would surely flourish your business pop up in your mind. But, setting up an integration is a difficult task when you know that your professionals don’t possess the technical expertise.


We assist our customers with configuring their integration with various systems, to name a few, we have


Microsoft Sharepoint and Sharepoint Online Integration – To help configure native integration and further build upon it to provide a seamless experience when using the two systems.


Microsoft Social Engagement – A key for business growth and to envision what people think about your organization and respond accordingly.


Server side Sync – You can now integrate MS Dynamics CRM with your Exchange or O365 accounts to send and receive mails without the need for configuring an external email router or outlook client.


Internet Facing Deployment (IFD) configuration – Make your On-Premises CRM deployment over the internet and gain the advantage of having the deployment managed in-house and yet be able to access it from around the world.


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Configuration


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