Are you a company that uses Product catalog and receives price lists from 3rd party vendors that need to be updated in your system regularly? This can be a tedious and time consuming process especially if there are regular price list updates that you receive. Automating this process would save a lot of precious time that otherwise goes into manually updating the prices across products.


Product Price List Import utility was designed with the intent to ease the process of maintaining Price Lists in MS Dynamics CRM/365. Using the Product Price List utility, the existing price lists received from vendors can be imported into Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365. Product Price List Import utility is available for Online, On-premise, and IFD.


Available for:

  • Dynamics CRM: 2011 and above

  • Deployment: On-Premise, Online, and Partner-Hosted.

Product Price List Import utility Dynamics CRM

Product Price List Import utility Dynamics 365

  • One click import tool that allows managing multiple data file formats
  • Updates the prices for the product based on the price list supplied
  • Updates and even add on the fly products during the import process for products that are missing
  • Import File schema can be configured according to the vendor files
  • Update system/custom attribute values on products
  • Support for all types of Pricing Categories defined in Price Lists
  • Supports common file types like Excel (xls/xlsx), Comma separated (CSV)


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