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How to Debug Plugins using Profiler

One can debug CRM plug ins without connecting to CRM server or without remote debugging. Here are the steps as in how you can use Profiler for debugging plug ins:    1>     Connect to CRM using plugin registration tool of March SDK 2012.    2>      Click on Install Profiler      3>     You will find a […]

Issue with plug-in in CRM 2011

We had a requirement to do some calculation and update self record of custom entity. We have created a plug-in and registered it on post operation of update event. The code was reading the post image, updating some fields and updating the same. The plug-in was working fine for single record. But when two records […]

Use Tracing in CRM 2011 Plugins

CRM SDK provides way for you to include the debug details about your plug-in in case you need to trace the plug-in execution. For this you will have to initialize the “ITracingService”. The service provides way to trace the details and display it whenever plug-in fails and throws an exception. //Initialize the serviceITracingService tracingService = […]

Call an Update on the Post Update event of an entity

Now everyone knows, this would result in a recursive loop. It is always preferred that in such cases, the attribute that needs to be updated should be added to the property bag in the Pre-Update event itself. However, if you do come across a situation where you need to update an attribute on the successful […]

How to use Parameters in Workflows/Plugins

CRM Plugins and Workflows provide the ability to pass external information to the plugins as well as receive information from plugin that can be used for further processing. Plugins:In case of Plugins, you can use the Secured Parameter and Unsecured Parameter that is available during Plugin registration to pass static information that can be used […]

Use of Shared Variables in Plugins

Apart from the various improvisations of Plugin over Callouts, is the ability to share data between events of an entity. This option was not available when working with Callouts in CRM 3.0. The workaround we used then was to create an attribute and store the information in an attribute in the Pre Create event. In […]