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Effortlessly Export Dynamics CRM/365 Reports to PDF, Word or Excel!

Business reports compiled from Dynamics CRM data can be a powerful tool for Organizations to evaluate performance and strategize short-term and long-term goals. While reports are very useful for the Organization, employees often spend a considerable amount of time preparing these reports. This is a concern for many organization as it is not the best… Read More »

Export, Email or Attach to Note – One click solution for Dynamics 365 Reports

Dynamics CRM users often work with reports for analysis purpose and a common operation implemented regarding reports is exporting them for sending them to customers or keeping it attached to record for future reference. This is a time-consuming manual process and hence users look for methods to expedite this process. For instance, a CRM user… Read More »

Click2Export – Personalize the exported file name

Introduction: Most applications including Dynamics CRM supports reporting and with the reporting tool in our case being SSRS it supports the options to either Print the report or save the report to a file format like PDF or Word or Excel. Depending on the kind of the report it may be often be required to… Read More »

Word, Excel or Pdf now exporting in Dynamics CRM is 1 click

This is a part two of our Click2Export series. In Part 1 we have discussed some important features of Click2Export. Today we will see some common FAQ’s about our solution. Why Click2Export: Every business has the need for reporting. Click2Export provides you with a 1 click UI – Click, Create, Manage, Export Dynamics CRM Reports in… Read More »

1 click is all it takes to Export Dynamics CRM reports

How many clicks it takes you to export Dynamics CRM reports? Imagine you have a meeting tomorrow and you want to present reports from Microsoft Dynamics 365. It’s not difficult to get reports from Dynamics CRM/365. The difficulty faced by most of the users is in exporting the report in required format. User spends more… Read More »