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Bing Maps Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 by InogicMaplytics Jan Release map dynamics crm

Maplytics™ is a Geo-Analytics Module designed for Dynamics CRM both on-premises as well as Online. The objective of this solution is to allow Dynamics CRM users benefit from the power of Bing Maps. It is an easy to use/install plug and play application made available as Managed solution within Dynamics CRM and it works seamlessly with all existing components and functionality of CRM.

Everything in Maplytics is now a search away at our Maplytics InfoCentre.. Welcome to our new world!

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Installation Features
Install Maplytics in Dynamics CRM Save Search Criteria as a Template in Maplytics
Activate Maplytics License Search for Accounts or Leads in Dynamics 365 based on Travel Time
Register Maplytics License in Dynamics CRM Plot Dynamics 365 Data “By Region” on Map 
Configuration Search Customers on Map by Drawing Shapes
Steps to Create Maplytics Team Save and Share Optimized Route
Assign Maplytics Security Role Define Geographic Regions for Sales Territory
Configure Maplytics Default values Geo-Analytical Dashboards in Maplytics
How to make Geocode Workflow for Custom Entities Build Marketing List Directly from Map
Geocoding Records in Dynamics CRM Boost your Sales this Holiday Season with Maplytics!
Configure Entity Map in Maplytics Territory Management in Dynamics CRM
Configure tooltips in Maplytics Heat Map for Dynamics CRM
Configure your own dashboard in Maplytics Plan your Day with Maplytics Appointment Planner
Define Colors For Categories In Maplytics Find nearby places using Maplytics
Edit Columns of View Data Grid in Maplytics Plot Dynamics CRM Data on Map
Release Notes Maplytics on Mobile
Maplytics Jan 2017 Release Announced! Route Optimization in Dynamics CRM
Maplytics Jan 2017 Release Coming Soon! Build Targeted Marketing List in Dynamics CRM
Maplytics August Release Announced! Compatibility – Desktop | Tablet | Mobile
What’s there in Maplytics August Release Appointment Planning in Dynamics CRM
Inogic announces New Destination for Maplytics Miscellaneous
Rollup 0.1 available for Maplytics – May release Warm Holiday Wishes from Team Maplytics!
Maplytics May Release Announced! Steps to Edit Existing Planned Route in Just Few Clicks
What’s new in Maplytics May Release FAQs
What next if I delete Maplytics template
Do I need to purchase Bing Maps License Separately
How to upgrade to the latest Maplytics solution?

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