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Cross domain access from Silverlight

Silverlight control hosted at http://myserver/mypage.aspx can access only services on that same domain by default – for example http://myserver/service.svc, but not a service at http://otherserver/service.svc. This prevents a malicious Silverlight control hosted on the http://myserver domain from calling unauthorized operations on a service hosted on the http://otherserver domain. To enable a Silverlight control to access a… Read More »

Debugging Silverlight Web Resources in CRM2011

In CRM2011, Silverlight Web resources can be debugged in Microsoft Visual Studio. For this you need to follow below steps: • Build your Silverlight application. • Upload the built version of the .xap file from the Web application project ClientBin folder. • View your Silverlight application in the context it is designed to be used… Read More »