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One Click is all it takes to Clone/Copy Dynamics 365 Records

The success of a business is defined by the efficiency of their employees. If the employees are spending time on activities that do not add value to the business process, the organization ends up losing valuable opportunities! A lot of time is wasted when the employees are dealing with similar data multiple times, which takes… Read More »

360 degree QuickBooks Accounting Insights Now within Dynamics CRM

Every organization has unique needs and preferences. Organizations prefer using different applications to fulfil diverse business needs. Many organizations use multiple applications like Intuit QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for their Accounting and Sales Teams. For the Teams, this could mean maintaining accounting information in both the systems independently. Hence, integration between the two systems… Read More »

Clone Dynamics CRM/365 Records Quickly Using Click2Clone!

Dynamics CRM aka Dynamics 365 users come across several such situations where they need to clone records. It can be done programmatically or manually but the whole process is time-consuming and you will end up spending your productive time and efforts for cloning/copying Dynamics CRM records. Click2Clone comes to rescue in such situations and helps… Read More »

Click2Clone – Clone Dynamics CRM Records in one Click

Inogic always tries to make Dynamics CRM more powerful and productive by developing new add-on solutions. Click2Clone product is one of these productive solutions, which is designed to copy/clone Dynamics CRM records easily by saving time. Click2Clone offers to copy Dynamics CRM records including the child records in Dynamics  CRM and it can be done… Read More »

User Adoption Metrics that matter in your Dynamics CRM

This is a part two of our User Adoption Tracker Series. In Part 1 we saw the features of how User Adoption Tracker can help you track adaptability of your Dynamics CRM. As we have been talking about adaptability, here in Part 2 lets read more about the Dashboards available in our user adoption tracker… Read More »