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Sharing access in Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM has the concept of record ownership. A record can only be owned by single user and not by a team or more than one users. Depending on the security roles defined it is possible to restrict a user to have access to only records owned by them. However in most practical situation where… Read More »

How to convert a RetrieveMultiple query written Server side to SOAP message to be used in Javascripts

It has often been seen that a RetrieveMultiple query that is very easy to write using the server side Query Expression objects using CRM webservices becomes difficult to achieve if we need to create a SOAP message for the same. In this article we hope to explain each of the elements involved in the writing… Read More »

Convert / Migrate Goldmine Email History and documents to Dynamics CRM

We have noticed that a lot of Goldmine users are migrating to Dynamics CRM with the requirement to have the Goldmine History brought over in CRM. While it is very easy to get the Company/Contact information from Goldmine to CRM, one of the sore points is bringing in Email history to CRM. You will find… Read More »

Form assistant

In CRM 3.0 there was no easy way to control the Form assistant window. We could get it done by making some changes to the customization file before importing into CRM. In CRM 4.0, we have now been given the option to decide the Form Assistant settings for each entity. You are most likely to… Read More »

Edit CRM Messages

Its quite often that we need to change the default nomenclature of CRM to customer specific normal like renaming Account to Customer, Lead to Prospect and so on. When you change the entity name the name is reflected on most places. However in the messages and other related functionality of CRM it still reflects the… Read More »

New Plugin Messages made available by Microsoft in Dynamics CRM 4.0

Execute: The execute event always gets fired when you open the views. Like from Main application view, lookup view, Advanced search view etc. (but not from associated views).While registering this event, no primary entity name is required.Input parameter: fetchxml – The fetchXML query sent.Output parameter: fetchxmlresult – The resultant records of the fetchXML query Retrieve:… Read More »

Add SRS report to CRM Form

In course of implementation of Dynamics CRM, a number of clients have asked us to display reports designed using Sql Reporting Services (SRS) within CRM as a tab or may be as a option to the Main Menu. This helps the user to quickly check reporting. I have described a simple way to achieve this… Read More »

Microsoft Office Accounting Integration Link with Microsoft Dynamics CRM released which supports Dynamics CRM version 4.0 On-Premise/CRM Live

Microsoft Office Accounting is one of the most popular accounting packages from Microsoft for small and medium industry. Dynamics CRM is one of the most popular CRM systems being deployed by Microsoft consultants. Linking the two applications has been a crying need for resellers, prospects and end users of Dynamics CRM system. To bridge the… Read More »