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How to convert the DateTime in Local and UTC Date Time format

While working with the plug-ins or with Custom Workflows Assemblies, we get the Datetime from CRM which doesn’t match with user’s Local DateTime format. As we get the date from the CRM in UTC Format so we can convert it to User’s Local DateTime using LocalTimeFromUtcTimeRequest Request. To get the Current logged in user’s Local… Read More »

How to Dynamics CRM

New to Dynamics CRM or already using Dynamics CRM? But do you do CRM the way it should be? Learn to CRM from the experts.  Roughly around 20 CRM MVP’s (I was not one of them) have got together and come out with a collaborative offering called CRMFieldGuide. To say the least.. Its simple and powerful. CRM… Read More »

Issue with plug-in in CRM 2011

We had a requirement to do some calculation and update self record of custom entity. We have created a plug-in and registered it on post operation of update event. The code was reading the post image, updating some fields and updating the same. The plug-in was working fine for single record. But when two records… Read More »

Debugging Silverlight Web Resources in CRM2011

In CRM2011, Silverlight Web resources can be debugged in Microsoft Visual Studio. For this you need to follow below steps: • Build your Silverlight application. • Upload the built version of the .xap file from the Web application project ClientBin folder. • View your Silverlight application in the context it is designed to be used… Read More »

Notify the dialog to end

When you design a Dialog, make sure you explicitly stop the dialog when all the steps of the dialog have completed using the “Stop Dialog” step Failure to do so might result in you receiving the following error when all steps have been processed. The above error is pretty misleading and we spent hours trying… Read More »