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Sort Activities by Custom Date fields on the Social/Activity Pane

Introduction: Dynamics 365 added a new “Sort Date” field (attribute) in Activity entity. With the addition of this new attribute, we can now set the Sort Date field as per customer requirement. You can now sort the activities on social pane in Dynamics 365. However, the fields shown there are only the ones present on… Read More »

How to convert the DateTime in Local and UTC Date Time format

While working with the plug-ins or with Custom Workflows Assemblies, we get the Datetime from CRM which doesn’t match with user’s Local DateTime format. As we get the date from the CRM in UTC Format so we can convert it to User’s Local DateTime using LocalTimeFromUtcTimeRequest Request. To get the Current logged in user’s Local… Read More »

MVP Awarded!

2012 starts with a bang for Team Inogic. We take pride in announcing that one of our Team Members known to you all as Sam is now a Dynamics CRM MVP. Well done!!!

Sales Area Enhancements in CRM 2011

There have been considerable improvements in the functionality being offered in the Sales Area in CRM 2011. Changes have been incorporated in the area of Opportunities, Orders and Invoices CRM 4.0 Opportunities did not support adding of Write-In Products or Price Override. These attributes were present in the Opportunity entity in CRM 4.0 but not… Read More »

Bulk Edit records of any entity in CRM

We can easily edit a record in crm. But what if we need to edit a field of all records with same value. So here, Instead of opening records one by one and editing it, we can also use Bulk edit feature which edits that field in one go for all records.For some records like… Read More »