1 click is all it takes to Export Dynamics CRM reports

By | August 8, 2015

How many clicks it takes you to export Dynamics CRM reports?
Imagine you have a meeting tomorrow and you want to present reports from Microsoft Dynamics 365. It’s not difficult to get reports from Dynamics CRM/365. The difficulty faced by most of the users is in exporting the report in required format. User spends more time on exporting reports fron Dynamics CRM to required format. The reason is number of steps involved in the process. Further if report needs to be attached and emailed to someone then you need more time.

What is this 1 Click – Click2Export by Inogic?
So to speed up this process, Inogic has developed a tool called Click2Export, which allows you to export all Microsoft Dynamics CRM reports in just a single click.

With Click2Export you can export Dynamic CRM reports in the system with single click and attach it to an email or note or just download it without much effort.

It is an easy to install add-on with user friendly User Interface. In a one click UI, you can export Dynamics CRM reports and decide the actions that should take place after exporting it i.e. you can attach it as an email attachment or note attachment in respective CRM record and may more.click2export

Some Key Features:

  1. You can export Dynamics CRM data to format of your choice – PDF or Excel or Word file.
  2. It can be attached as an email attachment to send out with email, or Note attachment in respective CRM record or both or you can also just download that exported report file
  3. Multiple templates can be created for a single report with different names
  4. Report parameter values are customizable, even during run time so the exported report executes on those parameters
  5. Individual or organizational report, both can be exported and attached in a single click
  6. Multiple reports can be converted into templates simultaneously
  7. Reports can be exported for multiple records simultaneously
  8. It also has the ability to decide if combined report for all selected records is to be exported or one report per selected record.

Ready to Deploy: Click2Export is available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and above. It supports all CRM deployment model namely on-premise, on-line, office 365 and partner-hosted.

Try Today: Email us on crm@inogic.com for a trial or if you would like to see a live demo.

There’s much more. For any assistance in implementation, customization, migration or upgradation of Dynamics CRM, get in touch with us on crm@inogic.com.

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